Liver damage, also known as a failure of the liver, often occurs when the liver becomes so damaged that it can no longer function normally and support the in of the body. Liver failure is a highly serious condition, often life-threatening, that requires medical attention and treatment as soon as possible. There are many causes for this failure, including a variety of diseases and years of extreme alcohol consumption. The failure usually occurs in stages, sometimes over the course of years. Therefore, there is a good amount of time to spot the symptoms that are most commonly associated with liver damage. Let’s look over some of them below!

1. Swollen Abdomen

One of the more noticeable symptoms of possible damage to the liver is a swollen abdomen. As albumin and protein that is located in the blood and other fluids are retained within the body, this can cause a build-up of fluids. This build up is commonly called ascites. However, this swelling is not always contained to the area of the abdomen. It can also occur in the ankles, happening most often in instances of chronic liver damage. To alleviate this symptom, a medical professional typically suggests a diet lower in sodium, and patients often take diuretics, commonly referred to as “water pills.”