Fatty liver disease is alarming on the disease chart, and you should pay a lot of attention to any signs of its presence. It is still not known how fatty liver develops within you. Some of the reasons are quite common, such as drinking, unhealthy eating habits, smoking, etc. Excess amounts of fat within the body causes fatty liver. So, the body does its natural function and sends irregular bodily contents to the liver. It isn’t always so easy to detect. Furthermore, you might need to pay attention to one of the many following side-effects of the mentioned fatty liver disease.

1. Darker Urine

Probably one of the best ways of knowing something is wrong with your liver is to look out for urinary liquid with a darker hue. Note that this change is much easier to detect in the morning (or whenever you wake up). The urine your bladder contains when you get out of bed is what has accumulated over the entire sleep process. The fact that it’s darker and strong in smell means that the bacterium which is generally taken care of by the liver is now passed on into your urine. This is your body’s last attempt at purification.

fatty liver disease