While the kidneys continue to function nobody gives them a second thought. Even if they stop working effectively the individual may remain unaware of this health issue. Recent figures show that about eight percent of Americans have kidney failure but the vast majority of them do not even know about it. To spot this illness at an early stage is one of the major challenges of kidney failure diagnosis. One of the main factors that make early identification hard is the fact that many of the signs only appear at a later stage in the illness, and they can easily be mistaken for symptoms of another disease.

1. Another bad night

A possible link between kidney failure and difficulties settling down to sleep provides a prime example of how hard it is to make an early identification. Healthy kidneys have a crucial role removing poisons from the blood supply but failing kidneys are unable to do this effectively and consequently that person often has problems getting down to sleep. Considering the wide range of factors that can disturb even a healthy person’s sleep this does not give them sufficient reason to suspect that their kidneys might not be functioning normally. More likely than not they assume that some drug they need to take or daily worries are responsible for disturbing their sleep.