A nasty kidney infection develops rapidly when bacteria makes its way into the bladder and reaches one or both kidneys. This infection belongs to infections concerned with the urinary system called urinary tract infections (UTI). Also called as Pyelonephritis, kidney infections are quite common amongst women and they have almost 40% chances of getting affected by the problem in their lifetime.


At any stage, awareness about the symptoms can be beneficial. Once can recognize the symptoms, it becomes easier to seek the right treatment immediately. Now the symptoms of a kidney infection are typically similar to illnesses like appendicitis and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Take a look at the warning signs that should alert a person of the possibility of kidney infection:


1. Change in Urine

By urinating, you pass out wastes and extra water out of your body. A change in the usual pattern of urination is a big indication of a kidney infection. Kidneys make urine, so if there is a problem with the kidneys, you will see the urine change. How?


  • There will be a change in the consistency and frequency of the urine you pass. You will always have an overwhelming persistent urge to pass urine all the time (especially nights). Though frequent urination at night might seem completely normal and harmless, but it is touted as the earliest sign of kidney infections.
  • The color change in urine (darker than usual) is a big sign.
  • Your urine may be bubbly and at times foamy.
  • You can also see blood drops at times.
  • There can be a little discomfort or pressure in urinating.