We all understand what bodily inflammation insofar as its physical manifestation is concerned. However, what is more important to know is the biological logic behind any body part swelling up in the first place. Inflammation occurs as part of the body’s response to harmful stimuli with the purpose of eliminating whatever is causing cell injury. But if the condition causing acute inflammation does not get resolved, chronic inflammation may ensue, thus portending much physical discomfort for the suffering individual. Read on to find out what the potential causes of chronic inflammation may be which could help prevent its onset if one is cautious and proactive.

1. Obesity

Obesity is time and again linked with chronic inflammation of low-grade. Getting fat means that fat cells start to expand, and being fat means that you are constantly in a swollen state. Of course, your body does not like extra stress that this new situation carries, so white blood cells rush to help. Unfortunately, if you do not lose weight soon enough, healthy cells stop responding to insulin (which regulates blood sugar), and then the body starts suffering from something a lot more dangerous than inflammation – diabetes. White blood cells that were there to help you now enter the bloodstream and start damaging your liver.