10 Symptoms of Hip Pain

The hip joint is one of the strongest and most resistant parts of our body. After all, it is made to stand incredible amounts of wear and tear. Throughout the day, we are constantly out on the move, and our hips are miraculously able to withstand all of the force needed to move our legs. Even so, the hips aren’t indestructible. As we age, the cartilage (a cushion that protects our bones from friction) gradually deteriorates and is, therefore, prone to damage and injury. Find out the top 10 symptoms of hip pain.

1. Pain in the Thigh

The most common indication of hip pain is feeling pain or discomfort in the thigh. Typically, the pain is felt in the upper thigh, but this depends on the cause. Upper thigh pain is especially prominent in patients with greater trochanteric pain syndrome. In most cases, the cause normally has to do with inflammation. Another possible cause of the pain may be a recent injury or damage to the bone structure. If you have pain in this area, take things slowly for a while, and consult your doctor. Over-the-counter pain medication may help aid symptoms.