As a person gets older, the digestive enzymes in the stomach begin to get depleted and produce less acid than required, resulting in acid reflux. The stomach in turn has to work harder to break down the food and in doing so, this churning causes the stomach juices to enter other unwanted areas of the body. A common effect of this is the burning sensation felt in the middle of the chest, known as heartburn. Most people resort to antibiotic treatments which, unfortunately, eliminate helpful bacteria in the body, causing unpleasant side effects. Here are some home remedies that offer long term solutions for acid reflux.

1. Artichoke leaf extract

This tall thistle-like plant has proven to be very beneficial for health as the large basal leaves have been found to be very effective for improving digestion and liver function. There is ample proof to suggest that in some areas, artichoke leaf extract can work wonders that even modern medicine cannot provide because of the large concentration of active biological compounds, like flavonoids, present in them. This makes it a safe nutritional supplement and antioxidant in place of conventional medicine.