All jokes aside, the question about what causes heartburn in the first place is a hot one. Ever since science and medicine started advancing quickly, research on this subject has increased. Many scientists believe that genetics play a significant role in determining what foods will cause heartburn and what might not. Aside from genetics, there is something you can do to avoid the nasty sensation of stomach acids building up in your throat. After numerous tests, scientists have narrowed down the list to ten suspects. Although it might be true that some people don’t experience difficulties when eating these foods, they still pose the greatest risk of getting heartburn and, thus, you should avoid them whenever you can.

What all these foods have in common is that they are known for being acidic. Also, their acid causes a nasty reaction with stomach acids, causing your stomach to turn into a raging pot. Ultimately, you get the feeling of being disemboweled. With some caution, you can structure your diet around different food and allow yourself to put those nasty heartburn sensations into the past, where they belong. So, without further ado, we give you the ten main culprits of one of the most irritating conditions out there. Pay close attention!

1. Citrus fruits

People don’t realize how depended on citrus fruits, are we? We tend to grab an orange juice in the store. We eat fresh oranges and even put them in cakes to achieve the ultimate sweetness. Something that many people don’t know that below all the fructose layers a good amount of acid that may cause a hassle to your stomach.

That acid causes a reaction in your esophagus, and the amount of acid rises and builds up. This condition is mostly because we believe oranges are light food and we eat them on an empty stomach. Just don’t eat a lot of oranges or grapefruits and especially don’t do it on an empty stomach and you’ll be perfectly fine.