Your heart makes a sound, or murmur, during every beat. Whether you describe it as a swishing, whooshing noise, or call it a lub-dup, your heart valves are opening and closing. As a doctor listens to your heartbeat with a stethoscope, an unusual hiccup might be in the cycle. There are two types of heart murmurs including innocent and abnormal ones. They might be present at birth or develop over time. Keep reading to learn more about heart murmurs, the symptoms, and possible treatments (if it’s even that serious!).

1. Innocent Heart Murmurs

Newborns or children may have an innocent heart murmur, but a normal heart. They occur when blood flows quicker than normal through the heart. You may experience this type of heart murmur during exercise, pregnancy, or a rapid growth spurt. Having a fever, anemia, or hyperthyroidism can also cause an innocent murmur. If it does not disappear on its own over time, then an innocent murmur can be a life-long condition, but not related to or cause any other health problems.

Innocent Heart Murmurs