A headache is one of the most common human complaints. In rare cases, it might be a symptom of a serious illness so someone who suffers from repeat headaches should consult their doctor. In many cases, headaches are caused by hectic and pressurized lifestyles and dehydration. The popularity of common headache medicines reflects the large numbers of people who suffer from this problem. So what did people do before these drugs came on the market? They had a range of natural remedies for headaches, and these treatments continue to provide alternatives for those who prefer to avoid prescription medicines.

1. A little relaxation

Since stress is one of the top causes of headaches, actions to relieve and reduce stress obviously help. The exact technique to use varies between individuals and according to the nature of a headache. For example, if someone has a headache just above their right eye, it helps to lie down on a settee with this side of the face resting on the arm of the settee and the person’s eyes closed. It also often helps to take deep breaths to fill the body with oxygen and at the same time relax it. Some find that lower the shoulders half a dozen times per day helps and others use various meditation techniques.