You can tell yourself that everyone finds hairs on their pillow, and in their shower. We all shed at least a little bit, right? The trouble with reassurances is that you can talk yourself out of taking action when you know something is wrong.


Today, you’re studying your hairline at your forehead wondering if it always extended so far back on your head. What happens if you keep telling yourself there’s nothing to worry about? In a couple months, you’re trying to decide if that patch of skin on the back of your head is a bald spot or just a problem with your natural part. If you keep this up, you could be a few years away from being the guy who wears a hat everywhere, or insists that he “always wanted” to sport the bald look.

hims Proven System Can Help Reverse Hair Loss


If you want to rock a full head of hair into retirement and beyond, you need to think about how you can protect your locks today. For a lot of guys, hair loss starts early – many will start to lose their hair in their early twenties. Fortunately, hims is making it easier for you to protect your hair while you still have it. And since they’re offering a 30 day supply of products to protect your hair for just $5, they’re making it cheaper, too.


hims is focused on helping guys seek help to deal with problems like hair loss, ED, acne troubles, and more. Unfortunately, one big obstacle to care is pride – a lot of us would rather pretend that nothing’s wrong than actually find a solution to a problem. That’s why hims uses its platform to connect guys with doctors, discuss their problems, and acquire what they need to deal with issues like hair loss.


You can actually arrange an online appointment – you don’t even have to leave your home.  You’ll answer a few questions, and send over some photos. Your doctor will review everything covered during your online session, and make a professional recommendation for what you need. The products recommended for you are sent directly to you, in discrete packaging.

Prescription Hair loss Treatments Tailored for You


So what exactly is hims sending out to guys? They have prescription and non-prescription products. If you need something with a prescription, just remember, you already discussed your problem with a licensed doctor, so you’re all good! There are products like finasteride, which you can take to address male pattern baldness at the middle of your scalp, and your crown. They also offer topical treatments, like minoxidil, that can stop hair loss, and may even encourage new growth. All of the prescription products from hims are FDA approved to help you take the fight to hair loss.


Your personal kit can also include simple items that can help you keep your mane nice and lush. You can receive hair loss gummies that support thick hair and healthy nails, or you can pick up a special shampoo that blocks DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss to occur.


him is an Unbeatable Bargain Offer


If you check out what hims has to offer now, you can pick up what you need at a great deal. By taking advantage of their current special, you can receive a 30 day supply of your hair loss products for just $5!

hims Complete Hair Kit


hims aims to make the fight for your hair more affordable. Everything they offer is priced at less than $50, and you can enjoy overall savings of around 50-80% compared to what you’d usually pay through other retail and prescription channels.


hims is offering up helpful products at great prices, but let’s face it, the product is only part of the solution. Men, especially young men, can avoid conversations about stuff like hair loss. If you want the treatment without the embarrassment, let hims help! You talk to your doctor online, so there’s no waiting room, no awkward chatter with other patients, and no embarrassment. The process is convenient, and it’s private.


Prevention is key when you think about maintaining a full head of hair. You need to move sooner, not later, if you want to enjoy your best results. hims wants guys to take care of themselves, so they can go out into the world looking – and feeling – great.


Don’t be that guy who was too tough or too “cool” to take care of himself. Be the guy who looks and feels great about himself. Be the guy who acted when there was a problem, so you can be the guy who has the confidence to live his best life.

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