Also known as H1N1, swine flu gets its name from a flu virus in pigs. Under normal circumstances, swine flu does not infect humans, but it is possible. The infection can cause a variety of symptoms. Some of these symptoms are very similar to other types of the flu, but as treatment differs, proper diagnosis is key.  People can catch swine flu just like other flu viruses.

1. Causes of Swine Flu

An inhaled virus causes swine flu, and as a result, the infection afflicts the respiratory system. When pigs are ill, they can transfer the virus to their owners or others around them. This virus, in particular, attacks the lining in the throat, lungs, and nose. Swine flu is not transmitted by eating pork but by inhaling or touching a contaminated surface, then rubbing the eyes or nose.

Causes of swine flujarun011 / Getty Images