Muscle cramps can occur in different parts of the body. But few cramps are as dreaded as leg cramps, which can strike at any time of the day. Leg cramps are characterized by an intense and painful tightening of the muscles of the calf, although they can also affect other parts of the leg. Sometimes leg cramps may occur as a side effect of physical activity, but some people also experience them during nighttime. Find out ten causes of leg cramps.

1. High-intensity Exercise

One of the main causes of leg cramps is highly intensive training, which can overwork the muscles causing painful contractions to occur. You are particularly prone to leg cramps when you switch to a new type of exercise that your body isn’t used to; likewise, becoming active after an extended period of rest can cause a leg cramp to appear. Sudden movements can force the muscles to adopt positions that they can’t handle, therefore causing a leg cramp. If you want to avoid painful episodes of cramped leg muscles, make sure that you adjust your exercise levels slowly, as not to injure the muscles.