An ear infection can happen to anyone, but it is well known that it most commonly occurs in children than in adults. More than just a build up of wax and ear infection is most often an inflammation of the middle ear. It is sometimes known as otitis media and is caused by bacteria or a virus, usually present after a cold or flu.
Inflammation of the Eustachian tube causes a significant amount of pressure and pain and can result in leakage or fluid from the ear. Sometimes it can lead to a ruptured eardrum, which takes much longer to heal than the actual pain from the infection. Here are some excellent remedies, both medical and natural, that will help relieve and eliminate and ear infection.

1. Antibiotics

An ear infection usually will go away after 24-48 hours. And the most you can do is help relieve the pain. But, if you or your child’s ear infection is not getting better after 2-3 days, this is when you could talk with your doctor about a course of antibiotics. If the infection is quite severe, or it has progressively been getting worse, not better since it first came on, the doctor may put you on a course of antibiotics immediately. Hearing loss and pressure are also telltale signs you should be seeing a doctor about your earache. Antibiotics for children may cause many side effects, both short and some long term.