Ear infections are common, although they are more often experienced by children than adults. They can be very extremely painful. Ear infections are caused by a build-up of bacteria or a virus in the ear. Symptoms may include pain in the ear canal, headaches, difficulty sleeping, fever, hearing problems, tugging on the ear to relieve pressure, even vomiting, and diarrhea. How do we solve this? A simple and effective way is with home remedies for ear infection, some of which you may have in your cupboards right now.

1. Salt

A common home remedy for earaches is a salt pack. Salt is inexpensive, and most people already have it in their home. Begin by warming the salt in a pan, over low heat, or heat it in the microwave. Place the hot salt in a cloth bag and secure it, or place it into a sock and tie the end. You can substitute a tea towel, then bundle the edges and use a rubber band to secure the ends. Lie down and place the hot bag over the affected ear for 5 -10 minutes. The salt works by drawing fluid from the ear and combines with the heat to relieve pain and swelling.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection salt