Ear Infection

Ear infection, or otitis media, is an infection in the middle ear that allows bacteria and virus to cause inflammation and pain. Many children have ear infection within the first year of life.
Age and viruses are the most common factors of ear infection. Moreover, a clogged Eustachian tube can be a reason, as well. It forms colds that plug the tube, creating a favorable environment for germs in the middle year and causing infection. The most common symptoms of infection are soreness, redness, and swelling.

Ear infections are common and most likely occur at one point in your life; however, there are effective measurements to limit the likelihood. Frequently washing your hands is vital for preventing an infection, especially after using the bathroom.

Many ear infections heal within 2 or 3 days; if they don’t, a doctor will prescribe a treatment depending on your condition. Antibiotics can successfully treat the infection, but you have to finish the entire amount, even if the symptoms of infections have disappeared.