Dehydration, or hypohydration, is a condition, wherein the loss of fluids like water exceeds fluid intake. Even a minor change in the fluid concentrations can result in dehydration. It is, therefore, necessary you drink H2O as you lose it, else you will become dehydrated. When dehydrated, the human body does not function at its best and may be at risk for potentially life-threatening diseases. Some of the common causes of dehydration are fever, immense sweating during intense workout mainly during the summers, and diarrhea. Anyone may experience from dehydration, but older people and young children are most susceptible to this condition. Dehydration is likely to cause many signs and symptoms that range from moderate to severe. Thankfully, your body will let you know if it happens.

1. Bad Breath

Your breath may be telling you that your body is running extremely low on water content. Saliva has antibacterial properties, but lack of hydration can deter your body from producing enough of it. With your body not making enough saliva in the mouth, bacterial overgrowth is most likely to happen, and as a side effect, lousy breath becomes apparent. So, as and when your tongue becomes a bit swollen and the mouth dries out, drink water. In 9 out of 10 cases, the cause for bad breath is dehydration.

signs of dehydration