The lining of the airways and lungs are fragile and any injury can result in bleeding. Hemoptysis is an alarming condition when you cough up blood. This happens when the blood vessels in your airways or lungs get weak and rupture. The bleeding can be in small or large amounts and appears in your sputum.



In such severe conditions, the bleeding may be in very small amounts or even absent from the sputum. However, in chronic respiratory diseases that cause severe damage, the bleeding is noticeable. In this situation, people cough up blood that gets mixed with mucus. Here is some of the information you need to know about hemoptysis.

1. What is hemoptysis?

Hemoptysis is a condition when you spit out blood from the lungs or the bronchi when coughing. This condition is of two types. These are as follows:

Massive hemoptysis

Non-massive hemoptysis.

Massive hemoptysis is when you cough up more than 200 ml of blood per day. Patient suffering from non-massive hemoptysis coughs up blood daily ranging between 200-600ml.