Nagging cough is very frustrating, especially when it persists for more than a few days. When your cough lasts for a couple of days, the common assumption is that it’s the flu or some mild infection. If it lasts for 1 – 2 weeks, more serious allergies and infections come to mind. But if you’ve had no relief from coughing in more than a month, there may be a cause for concern. It is thus recommended that anyone who does not get relief from coughing in more than a few weeks should undertake a medical investigation for the same. Mentioned below are the possible reasons behind that stubborn cough.

1. Sensitive Throat After Common Cold Or Flu

Both nostrils are finally clean, and you can breathe deeply. You no longer have a fever. Colds left your body, and you feel you have regained the lost strength… But wait, a cough is still there! Why do we sometimes suffer from this painful symptom of the respiratory disease even after getting rid of it? Coughing, unfortunately, can remain present for weeks or even months because of swelling and sensitivity of your throat exposed to the virus for the duration of the disease.