Constipation can occur for many different reasons. The stomach flu or viruses, poor diet, pregnancy, or severe illness may be the culprit. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs exist that can prevent or cure constipation. Many natural products are available too that may provide relief. However, it should always be taken seriously, because when ignored, it can become excruciating. Many problems can arise as a result. A doctor can recommend the best treatment based on a patient’s case.

1. Inability to Move Bowels

Constipation may have many symptoms, but the most obvious is the inability actually to pass stool. The person with constipation may feel as if they are about to have a bowel movement, but it won’t pass. When this occurs, the patient must be very careful not to strain too much, as straining creates further complications. Fiber supplements and medicinal aids may be necessary to move the bowels.

constipation symptoms