Constipation is a fairly common condition that plagues almost every individual at some point in time during their life. It entails a problem with bowel function which may be irregular, infrequent or difficult to achieve. There are numerous possible causes for one being constipated, with differing degrees of seriousness, ranging from mildly concerning to life-threatening conditions. But apart from the underlying cause, being constipated is, in itself, very discomforting. Thus, various remedies, of allopathic, natural and alternative nature, can be used to achieve relief from this condition.
Here are six means of attempting to alleviate constipation, though they may not be equally effectual for all individuals.

1. Laxatives

One means of relieving constipation is orally consuming laxatives prescribed by the doctor. Mostly, milk of magnesia is recommended on account of its mildness as a laxative agent and economic viability as well.
Stronger bowel stimulants should be used sparingly. In case of chronic constipation, polyethylene glycol is known to be most effective. Other than these, prokinetic medication may be used to improve gastrointestinal movement. On the whole however, most physicians would attempt to identify and treat the disease/infection that is causing the constipation, as opposed to directly prescribing laxative medication.