A concussion is an injury that occurs due to any form of trauma to the head or a harsh shaking or rattling. Concussions are extremely common, with over three million cases being reported in the United States alone each year. While there’s not a cure specifically for concussions, there are several forms of treatment that have proven to be helpful for the condition. When the brain needs to heal and recover, the best medicine can be taking a break from regular activities and “taking it easy” for a few days, with very minimal stress or other forms of excitement. Medications may be taken for the pain that is associated with the head injury.

1. Headache

Having a headache after any type of trauma to the head can be expected. After all, any form of injury generally causes varying degrees of pain. However, when the pain persists and develops into a strong headache, this can definitely be one of the warning signs of having a concussion. This pain has been reported to include sharp, stabbing pains, throbbing pains and pressure that seems to radiate in many different areas of the head. This can also spread to the neck and the shoulders. Keep in mind that all injuries to the head should require immediate medical attention.