A blood clot in the leg can be extremely dangerous., which is why it is essential to spot it at an early stage and get the appropriate medical assistance. It is not always so easy to recognize the signs of this serious health issue. There is a range of symptoms, and a good number of them may be easily missed, or quite possibly confused with other medical problems. Because of the real threats to life this condition causes there is no place for risk taking. An ultrasound at the doctor’s clinic or hospital often identifies the source of the problem.

1. Sharp pain in the leg

An intense pain in the leg is one of the most obvious symptoms and one that is impossible to miss. When the blood clot forms it causes a very severe pain in that area of the leg. In the absence of immediate treatment, the clot might continue to grow, and the pains intensify until normal activities become tough. Doctors might describe this condition as the onset of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT for short. It is hard to appreciate the pain but whoever acts promptly to get the condition checked and treated might end up feeling grateful for this warning sign. This signal is the biological equivalent of the flashing LCD in the car – whoever ignores it is very foolish.