2. Eat Less Red Meat and Dairy Products

Protein is the source of creatinine. Our muscles create it after a workout or ingesting an animal. Cooked red meat, has high levels of the waste product and can temporarily raise the creatinine level in your blood.

Cows spend most of their days standing and grazing. Doing so they use up energy and go through the natural process of expelling creatinine. After a cow has been slaughtered the creatinine remains in the meat. When the meat is cooked, more creatinine is expressed from the exposure to heat. Also, because dairy products like cheese and milk are sourced from the body of an animal, these foodstuffs may also contain creatinine.

If you have a high creatinine level, you should consider becoming a vegetarian. A diet full of vitamins and minerals will help improve your overall health, reduce your creatinine levels, and help the environment. The beef industry is highly reliant on fossil fuels. Less demand for beef means less reliance on fossil fuels and a healthier body.

Eat Less Red Meat and Dairy Products