Travelers diarrhea is a less-glamorous part of a vacation or travel-heavy profession. Food and water quality are less than ideal in some countries, and the bacteria found in them can wreak havoc. Travelers diarrhea is the most common illness afflicting tourists. It causes frequent watery stools and moderate to severe stomach cramps. Though not serious, the condition is a less than pleasant token of recent adventures.

1. Symptoms

Travelers diarrhea usually comes on suddenly, within days of returning from a trip. Diarrhea occurs a few times a day and the urge to “go” is persistent, though sometimes nothing comes of it. In between trips to the bathroom, most people experience stomach cramps. The condition can also cause nausea, vomiting, and even fever. Travelers diarrhea usually lasts a couple of days. If your illness lasts longer or symptoms worsen, a doctor’s appointment is necessary.

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