We have all had it happen at one point or another in our lives. At some juncture, we get water lodged in our ears. It not only feels uncomfortable, but it can be annoying to remove. Water in the ears can feel ticklish, from the ears to the jawbone and throat, and even distort our hearing. Water stuck in the ears doesn’t always drain on its own. Sometimes we must intervene because trapped water can lead to an infection in the external auditory canal of your outer ear. Thankfully there are several methods to remove water from your ears.

1. The Vacuum Method

To make use of the vacuum method, you simply need to tilt your head sideways and cup your ear into the palm of your hand until a tight seal is made. Next, you will push your hand upwards and downwards rapidly. You will flatten your hand as your push, then cup your hand when you push away from the ear. This will create a suction to help to expel the water from your ear. Lastly, tilt your head to the side to allow the water to drain out.