If you have ever gone roller or ice skating, fallen, and landed directly on your buttocks, chances are you have experienced a tailbone injury. The pain you experience landing on your buttocks directly on the floor or ice is unforgettable. Just picking yourself up and going to sit down and rest may likely aggravate the situation. Taking some ibuprofen may help you ease and deal with the pain. However, how do you really know exactly when you have a tailbone injury and how to treat it?

1. Experience a trauma to the tailbone

Simply falling onto your buttocks may not be enough to cause a tailbone injury. As children, we all experienced bouncing down the stairs on our buttocks. However, we were not bouncing from great lengths, so chances are we did not injure ourselves. Falling directly onto your buttocks from riding a bicycle or falling when roller or ice skating is likely hard enough to cause injury to your tailbone. If you experience moderate to extreme pain after falling, chances are you injured your tailbone.