Each part of the body needs a steady of oxygen-rich blood supply to function properly. Your organs and brain will suffer if this flow of nutrients is interrupted for whatever reason. Poor blood circulation can lead to heart, kidney, and brain damage. Atherosclerosis and artery disease are just two of the ailments that occur when insufficient blood circulation takes over the body. If you have any of these warning signs of poor circulation, you need to visit your doctor immediately.

1. Numb Hands and Feet

Do your hands or feet ever feel numb? This can be due to a number of reasons. The poor circulation could be a result of pressure on your limbs, condensation of your nerves, or vulnerability to cold temperatures. However, you might need to increase your magnesium and B12 intake. Diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and thyroid issues can also cause numbing of your hands and feet. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this early sign of poor circulation before it leads to greater health problems.