Skin rashes can appear as bumps, lesions, scales or blisters. They are most commonly the result of allergies or infection, though there are many causes of skin rashes. If left untreated, rashes may cause scarring or lead to serious infection. If a patient doesn’t know the cause of their rash it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor. Some serious conditions and life-threatening illnesses may present with a rash.

1. Medications And Other Drugs

An allergic reaction to any drug or sensitivity to sunlight resulting from drugs can be a common cause of a skin rash. A rash induced by medications may become visible right away or several hours after taking it. Generally, drug-related rashes appearing on the skin are hives (eruptions) which are purple, red, or discolored. Along with this, the area where the rash appears becomes thick. These rashes can appear anywhere on the surface of the skin and even inside the mouth. In rare cases, a rash induced by drugs can be fatal; therefore it is best to check with your physician as soon as possible.