Skin rashes refer to epidermal aberrations that may take the form of bumps, lesions, scaly formations or blisters. There are a variety of health conditions that may cause rashes, though mostly it is infections and allergies that are responsible for them. It is highly recommended that rashes of any kind not be taken lightly – they could not just be indicators of a serious disease, but lack of treatment for a long time may even cause marks and scarring to occur. To have a better idea of potential conditions that may underlie the appearance of rashes, common causes of the same are listed below.

1. Medications And Other Drugs

An allergic reaction to any drug or sensitivity to sunlight resulting from drugs can be a common cause of a skin rash. A rash induced because of medications or drugs can become visible right away after intake of the drug, or after some hours. Most generally the drug rashes appearing on the skin are hives (eruptions) which are purple, red, or discolored. Along with this, the area where the rash appears becomes thick. Such a rash can appear anywhere on the surface of the skin and even inside one’s mouth. The remedy to this is, simply stop taking the drugs causing allergy and managing symptoms using steroids. In a few cases, a rash induced by drugs can be fatal; therefore it is best to check with your physician as soon as possible.