Skin bumps implicate localized swelling of skin which can be felt by touch and may or may not be accompanied by visible aberrations. A huge number of causes including infections, tumours and so on can underlie their appearance. Based on the cause, the skin bumps may be painful, tender, itchy, firm or soft. The following are the most commonly occurring skin bumps – anyone suffering from these should seek suitable treatment to prevent complications and recurrence.

1. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is the colloquial term for a heat rash that typically occurs with tiny, painful bumps appearing on the skin. The bumps tend to be clustered together and are highly itchy. They are caused when sweat gets trapped in skin pores and mostly appear in places where skin friction is highest. Thus, the folds of the arms and legs, neck, breasts and groin is where prickly heat is most common. In most cases, just keeping the affected skin cool, dry and devoid of friction will allow the rash to subside. If the rash is very severe and discomforting and shows no improvement in two to three days, a doctor may be consulted for medication.