Essential tremor is a disorder which affects the nervous system. It causes rhythmic and involuntary shaking or tremors. This disorder can potentially affect any of your body parts. Usually, though, this commonly affects the hands. It’s especially evident when you’re trying to perform simple tasks. Writing or even eating and drinking may become more challenging to do. This disorder isn’t dangerous. However, it usually becomes worse as time goes by. In some cases, it can get so severe that it can be debilitating.


Essential tremor can strike anyone, no matter what age. But it occurs more commonly in people who are above 40 years old. Symptoms of this disorder begin slowly. They also appear on one side of the body at the early stages. As you move, the tremors worsen. This disorder starts with one or two hands at the beginning. You may even notice your head moving involuntarily, which also happens to be a symptom. When you’re feeling fatigue or emotional stress, the tremors may worsen too.

1. Avoid things which can worsen the condition

People suffering from mild cases of essential tremors can simply avoid certain things. It’s important to stay away from these things as they may worsen the condition. A mild disorder doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day activities. But when you know that you have it, you should always monitor your condition. There are some things which can exacerbate the condition. One thing to avoid is drinking beverages which contain caffeine. These include tea, coffee, and some varieties of carbonated drinks. You should also avoid stressful situations and staying up too late. Such activities can make essential tremor worse.