Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a disease that can spread from animals to human through tick bites. This disease was first discovered in the rocky mountain region but has been identified in different states in the United States as well as in other countries.
The typical triad of rocky mountain spotted fever is formed of fever, rash and a positive history of a tick bite. The early symptoms include the onset of sudden fever, vomiting, fatigue, and loss of appetite, while the rash usually appears later on.
Here are ten symptoms that can indicate a Rocky Mountain spotted fever infection.

1. Your body’s temperature increases suddenly

Fever is when your body’s temperature becomes higher than the normal range. Each one of us has a normal body temperature that can be slightly higher or lower than the average. A high fever is usually in the 102°–104°F/38.9°–40°C range for one day (24 hours). Although it makes us feel unwell and uncomfortable, fever helps the body fight infections more effectively. You may also start to sweat, shiver, experience a headache, feeling pain in your muscle, and some people may even lose their appetite.