Until a few decades ago, this part of human psychology was pretty much undiscovered. Many false theories were floating around the medical community. Nobody could exactly pinpoint the exact causes and explanations of premenstrual syndrome. PMS was only recently given the attention it deserves. Now, we are armed with a plethora of medical knowledge about the subject. So, we know what to expect from the condition. PMS affects 100% of all women. It is without a doubt present in every woman’s body, to differing extents. Although there are theories that some women aren’t affected, it’s false. Some of them don’t experience the symptoms with the same intensity. It’s especially hard to deal with the psychological side of the problem. Much older and younger women have trouble determining which signs are real.


This is due to a hormonal dis-balance that occurs five to ten days before the period. Your perception of the world around can exacerbate and cause communication-related problems. There is a whole another plethora of symptoms that you might face on a daily basis. PMS is not a joke, mostly because of its ability to completely alter your perception of life. Therefore, we’ve decided to educate you on the subject. If you’re a woman, you will understand your body better. If you’re a man, your sister, mother or wife will appreciate you for understanding. It’s not easy to go through all that, so knowledge can be the best weapon in any case. So, let’s take a look at the 10 most pronounced symptoms of PMS.

1. Fatigue

Your body is preparing for a big showdown with the unnecessary ovaries it has to get rid of. Thus, it will need all the strength it can muster to go through the process safely. This, of course, includes the inability to perform demanding tasks. Both mental and physical challenges may seem too hard.


This is no reason to worry. During this period, be sure to relieve yourself from all unnecessary tiring activities. If you need to be active, eat some nuts or simple carbs. That should give you more than enough energy.