There is a greater awareness today of the health problems that a lack of nutrients causes. Some of these issues may be startlingly obvious, but others are far less apparent and often only obvious to someone who has studied the connection between nutrients and health. Ideally, everyone should follow a diet that provides the body with all its required nutrients, but it is hard to know the best food combinations to choose. Many try to compensate for lack of nutrients with vitamin supplements. Even though they might feel these provide a health boost, it is always better to get nutrients from foods rich in these vitamins.

1. Outbreak of acne

Acne is one of the signs of puberty set off by changes in body hormones, but it also can be a sign of a lack of vitamin C. This is one of the easiest minor health issues to remedy since foods rich in vitamin C are so readily and cheaply available. Those suffering from this nutrient deficiency should include citrus fruits as a regular feature in their meal plans. The antioxidant substances found in these foods help the body’s immune system work better and this assists in both prevention and control of acne.