You’re busy rushing down a street, and it feels like there’s a stone in your shoe, but when you check, you can’t find a one. The feeling doesn’t go away even after you put your shoes back on, so you decide to check your foot. Right underneath your big toe, there is a sore spot, and it only keeps on getting more painful. This is what is called metatarsalgia. It is a common disorder where the ball of your foot becomes a painful sore. It often develops after long periods of walking or running where the pressure is placed upon the ball of your foot consistently. It causes a shift in the mechanics of how the foot works regarding pressure distribution and balance compensation. Treatment often depends on the severity of the condition.


Unsupportive footwear could cause Metatarsalgia with less than adequate padding in your shoes or wearing smaller shoe sizes resulting in unnecessary pressure on your foot. Sports and activities with high impact on the balls of your feet can also lead to the development of metatarsalgia. In most instances, metatarsalgia is not a fatal condition and even visiting a doctor may not be necessary. However, it is important to note that some of the symptoms of metatarsalgia may be indicative of a more complex good disorder. So, if you have any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from metatarsalgia:

1. Burning Sensation

If you fail to understand why the ball of your foot feels like a fireplace, this is one classic symptom of metatarsalgia. The pain radiates as a heat like sensation especially after activity like walking or anything that exerts pressure on your foot.


The best option to deal with this is to try and rest up your leg and add padding to your shoes. Painkillers might help but may not be a long-term solution to the problem. Visiting a doctor if the pain becomes unbearable is advisable.