Groin pull, or groin strain, results from an injury in this area of the body. Most commonly the damage occurs while engaged in some vigorous athletic or sporting activity. Typical situations where these injuries occur include runners who make a sudden change of direction, or while kicking a ball. This could also happen to a dancer who makes a swift motion or even to an individual running to catch a bus or train. Sometimes these injuries leave their mark on the body for years afterward. Groin pull incurred during teenage years sometimes continue to cause complications in adult years.

1. An extremely painful injury

Very severe pains around the groin occur when a muscle becomes completely ruptured. As soon as this happens, the ferocity of the pain is impossible to ignore. If they are involved in some game, the pain will not allow them to continue. When they try to press their legs together, they discover that the muscles in the groin cannot contract. Hopefully trained medical personnel are around to help. An injury at this level is a very serious matter with pain relief and long-term healing both posing challenges. In the most severe the treatment period is likely to be long drawn out.