Enjoying our favorite food is one of the greatest pleasures imaginable. Whether it’s for reward purposes, celebrating or relaxing, it’s hard to know the limit. This especially happens during the holiday season or when you overstress. The line between overindulging and having a moderate portion is very thin. It depends from person to person. If you catch yourself overeating very often, then you have a problem. The name of your opponent that you have to fight is binge eating.

Having control over ourselves is a very significant thing. If you start feeling bad after your binge, shameful or you lack self-control, you need to break that cycle. Binge eating can cause more serious health problems to appear. Some of them are cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Weight-gain is a usual consequence, too. Realizing and accepting that you suffer from this very common disease is the very first step. This dead-end situation has a solution. It is curable, and soon you won’t have to fear food anymore. Don’t be afraid or depressed about your current situation. Tell your closest friend, your parents or search advice from your doctor. They will be understanding and can help you to surpass this hard time of your life.

1. A complete lack of self-control

Knowing that we should eat only when hunger attacks are something we all ignore. The feeling of being full is satisfying and can make every situation look better. But, do you know to say ‘enough’ when it’s necessary? Learning to control our minds is the key. When we passed the point of fullness, continuing to eat is not recommended. This is important to practice if you are healing your relationship with food. It is just another habit. Yes, it is challenging to change it, but where there is a will, there is a solution too.