The thought of having a living parasite in your body sounds frightening. Indeed, some parasites are capable of inflicting great harm; others are much more benign. In fact, suffering from a parasite infestation is relatively common, especially in children, due to increased contact with dirt and other infected surfaces. The symptoms of a parasite are broad and diverse, but most of them aren’t urgent. However, if you do notice any signs, schedule a visit to your doctor. Keep reading to find out ten symptoms of parasites.

1. Stomach Pain

One of the first symptoms you should be aware of when it comes to parasites – and especially intestinal parasites – is stomach pain. Pain around the area of the stomach can indicate the presence of parasites in the stomach or digestive tract. Various parasites can find their way into the stomach by latching onto food you eat, such as infected pork. Sometimes, parasites can spread from one person to another, and some even can spread through the air you breathe. As the number of parasites grows, pain may increase, and you may develop diarrhea.