Hamstring strains can occur during any strenuous exercise, as well as from overuse, and they are very painful injuries. The hamstring is a group of muscles that runs down the back of the upper leg, and helps you to bend your knees. Hamstring strains occur when these muscles tear, which can occur suddenly or gradually during the course of an activity. Properly warming up can help prevent hamstring injuries, but they are still very common, especially among athletes. It is important to know the symptoms of hamstring strains, as well as how to treat them if they do occur.

1. Tearing Sensation

If your hamstring strain occurs suddenly, you may feel a tearing sensation. This occurs when the muscle fibers tear, and may be accompanied by intense pain. If this happens, you should immediately stop whatever you are doing. Continuing to move despite the pain can further damage the muscle, and may lead to more serious complications that could require surgery to fix instead of simple treatments. You may also feel other similar sensations, like popping or snapping, depending on the severity of your injury. If your injury is severe, you should seek medical treatment to make sure it is just a strain.