Drug addiction is the psychological and physical need to keep using a substance, despite how harmful it may be. Even though drug addicts can show some common signs of addiction, the addiction itself is quite individual. This relates to the particular substance used and the severity. There are a few clear indicators, however, that you may see if a loved one is suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse. Not all of these signs of addiction will appear in one person, but knowing the differences and warning signs can help both them to deal with the problem.

1. Mood swings

If you notice a change in demeanor in a friend or family member, it is an obvious sign that something is wrong, When these changes in behavior turn into severe and sudden mood swings, outbursts, agitation and personality changes, it is cause for alarm. Dramatic shifts in behavior such as this are not considered to be normal behavior, and if it is not caused by a medical condition or medication, a type of addiction may cause it. Drug addiction can affect the mental stability of a person, no matter how little or how much they use.