Atherosclerosis is a disease in which a buildup of cholesterol, fat, calcium and other waste in the blood, called plaque deposit along the artery walls and cause them to narrow. Over time, the plaque hardens and limits the flow of oxygen rich blood. The limited blood flow can result in complications like heart attack and stroke.
While there are medications on the market to combat the disease, the exact cause is unknown. Whether in conjunction with your current medical regime or as a preventative step here are the top ten home remedies to keep your arteries clear.
Keep in mind that all therapies should be cleared with a primary care physician or cardiologist before implementing alongside your regular medical regime.

1. Tocotrienols

As is the case with most vitamins, vitamin E comes in more than one variation, the most common of which are tocopherols. The less common form of the vitamin has shown promising results including in a three year double-blind study that showed a huge majority (92 percent) of those who took toctrienols showed either stabilization or improvement in their disease. The control group saw no improvement and 48 percent of patients’ conditions declining.
Vitamin E, including tocotrienols can be found in supplement form, usually derived from palm or rice oils.