Summer is drawing nearer, and we can’t take our minds off of all those long and enjoyable days at the beach. The number of activities that you can do is seemingly infinite, but under all those layers of fun and enjoyment lays perhaps the most annoying thing of all – sunburn. When you relax in the soothing sun after a long swim, you forget to keep track of time. The next thing you know is that you resemble a ripe tomato. Also, the pain on every square inch of your skin is getting worse and worse by the minute. Okay, you’ve been an idiot, and the mistake has been made, but how can you solve it?
Fortunately, there is no need for fancy medications and creams. People have been suffering from sunburn for thousands of years. They have had their medicines for this annoying condition. All you need is your kitchen and house, so you can calm down and apply all the necessary precautions. Lastly, just relax while your damaged skin peels off. This may just be the best time for a guide like this so that you can read it. In the future, if you happen to make the mistake of staying out in the sun too long. Without further ado, we give you the ten best home remedies for sunburn. Good luck and use sunscreen!

1. A cold shower

This is an obvious first step when it comes to treating sunburn, but most people tend to forget it. A surge of cold water can numb the pain receptors in your skin and help you rejuvenate the damaged parts. Cold water also helps wash off the dead cells and speed up the recovery. Although it may feel unpleasant at the time, it can be a life safer when the recovery begins.
Cold water is the answer because hot water agitates the damages skin. If you hold on a bit, your body will be thankful. If you expose the skin to heat after damaging it, permanent scarring might appear.