Moles are small coloured spots on the skin made from cells called melanocytes that produce the colour (pigment) in our skin. They are often brownish in colour, although some may be darker or skin-coloured. They can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some have hair growing from them but they are mostly circular or oval with a smooth edge. Most moles appear in early childhood and during the first 30 years of a person’s life. It is normal to have between 10-40 moles by adulthood and they can change appearance over time. Although they are usually not a health concern, some people don’t like the way they look. Here are some ideas for how to get rid of unwanted moles.

1. Banana Peel

Quite a surprising remedy for moles is to place banana peel scrapings on top of your mole and held in place with a bandage. It is best to do it overnight to minimize the chances of the scrapings dislodging. It seems that banana peel can help to dry up moles, due to some powerful enzymes it contains.