An earache is a minor complaint since it poses no serious health risks. Nevertheless, the discomfort ought to be taken seriously. For decades, doctors prescribed antibiotics to treat earaches. Today, doctors use antibiotics as a last resort rather than a standard response. Doctors prescribe painkillers to help the patient cope with the pain instead. In many cases, home remedies for earache make it possible to safely correct the issue without a doctor’s intervention. More serious cases or persistent earaches require medical attention.

1. Olive Oil

Thousands of years ago, the olive was a mainstay of ancient agriculture, and it’s still a major crop in Southern Europe and the Middle East. We eat the fruit of the olive tree for a healthy snack or side dish. Its oil also has healing qualities. A few drops of olive oil warmed to body temperature alleviates earaches when placed in the ear. Even though this practice lacks scientific research to back it up, many claim it works. It’s not advisable to do this for children suffering from earaches.