In the twenty-first century, ear mite infestations in human beings are extremely uncommon. They do frequently attack domestic cats and dogs, but scant evidence exists of owners who catch ear mites from their pets. Whatever the cause of a human infestation when this rare condition appears it causes much suffering and embarrassment. Ear mites are notoriously difficult to destroy. It often takes many months to find a solution, and meanwhile, the infested individual must deal with social isolation in addition to the irritation the mites cause them. Hopefully one or more of these home remedies can provide an effective solution.

1. Good old garlic

With all today’s technological advances modern medicine still has much to learn from the practices of ancient societies. Today, as always, garlic is well-known for the distinctive flavor it adds to meals, but its medicinal properties have recently been rediscovered. In truth, this knowledge was never really lost, but doctors thought that antibiotic medicines could provide all the answers. Now garlic’s antibacterial properties are again appreciated it is hardly surprising to find it has its uses as a remedy for ear mites. The experts recommend you place a few cloves of garlic in a cup of olive oil and leave it overnight. In the morning place this substance on a cotton swab and clean the ear. Repeat these steps for thirty days.