We have all had a bruise or two in our lifetime. In the medical field, they are known as contusions. They form when blood vessels break and bleeding develops under the skin. This causes the skin to change from pink or red to dark purple or blue within a few hours. Skin discoloration is even more intense if the damaged capillaries are closer to the surface. Swelling and pain are often associated with bruising. Some people are more prone to bruising due to a lack of nutrients, including vitamins C and K. Obesity, leukemia, anemia, and blood disorders also lead to easy bruising. Medications can causes bruises as well. In certain cases, the pain, swelling, and discoloration can last for weeks. If you have a bruise that you want to be rid of as soon as possible, then you should try one of these home remedies for bruises. They will not only ease your symptoms, but some can also speed up the healing process.

1. Ice Packs

The ice will tighten the blood vessels, which will prevent additional blood from seeping into the skin. Not only does it stop discoloration in its tracks, but it reduces the pain and swelling, too. Since applying ice directly to the skin can lead to frostbite, wrap the ice pack in a cloth. Hold it over the bruised area for up to 15 minutes as soon as the injury happens. Repeat this practice every few hours for the entire day. If the coldness of ice is unbearable, try using a washcloth soaked in cold water.