Pain in the arm could be a consequence of a variety of conditions which range from mildly bothersome, to those that are potentially life-threatening. What happens very often is that people do not take arm pain very seriously, especially if it occurs in the absence of any other perceptible symptoms. This nature of ignorance is inadvisable and arm pain should not be taken lightly under any circumstances; it is reflective of an anomaly in bodily functioning that needs be investigated speedily. To reiterate the same, here is a list of possible causes of pain in the arm(s); one shall realize that some of them are serious conditions that should not be overlooked.

1. Simple Sprain

Sprains occur when one takes on strenuous activity that one’s body is unaccustomed to. It implies that overstraining has led to the abnormal stretching, twisting or tearing of tissues which are not liable to permanent damage. With regard to arm sprains, lifting heavy objects, using arm(s) repetitively for some activity (such as churning or beating foods while cooking) or an intense workout may cause a sprain. Depending upon the cause of the sprain, it may occur in one or both arms. Fortunately, such arm pain is easy to treat; a combination of painkillers and/or ice packs should provide much relief.