Many individuals experience a ringing or buzzing noise in the ears on occasion, but it rarely continues for long. Since this noise goes away so quickly, it causes little disturbance, but if it continues long-term, it becomes extremely stressful. Doctors use the name of tinnitus to describe this condition regardless of how long it continues, but medical research concentrates on treating patients with long-term problems. The medical profession lacks a general medication or other approaches to a tinnitus cure. Whatever cure they can achieve depends on accurate identification of the cause, or if this fails, they focus on making it easier to live with the condition.

1. Irritating noise in the ear

The “irritating noise in the ears” definition offers one of the simplest definitions of this health problem. Patients describe the noise differently according to their individual perceptions and expressive abilities. Some of them categorize it as a humming noise, while others hear more of a buzzing sound. Patients might also describe their tinnitus in terms of a whistling or hissing noise, and some of them even say it sounds like grinding in their ears. The musically minded might detect a beat or a song. 735421219