Talcum powder is the powdered form of talc, a natural mineral. Talc, the softest mineral on earth, is found in rock deposits. Many products use talcum powder from chewing gum to antiperspirant and baby powder. Contrary to popular belief, baby powder accounts for only a small fraction of the talc found throughout the world. Research shows talcum powder can be dangerous to overall health; however, it also has some benefits, too.



When it comes to babies, we want only the best. Will the benefits of talcum powder outweigh the risks? Keep reading to learn more about talcum powder for babies.

1. Risk: Respiratory Conditions in Infants

If you have ever used baby powder, you know how easy it is to squeeze a puff of baby powder into the air accidentally. Doing so can be dangerous for infants. When infants breath in baby powder particles, it can dry out their mucous membranes and affect breathing. Dry mucous membranes over time can cause severe lung damage.

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