Cirrhosis is a condition that arises when scar tissue changes its course. It replaces the healthy tissue cells all around the liver. It is usually a result of years of alcohol or narcotics abuse, along with an unhealthy diet. The main cause of this disease is hepatitis B and C. These two contracts through intercourse or contact with infected blood. Alcohol abuse is still the leading factor when it comes to liver cirrhosis.

When the scar tissue builds up over the years, it makes it hard and lumpy. As the tissue is too hard, the liver may start to function worse until it fails. Blood will find it almost impossible to filter and will cause vessels to rupture. In some cases, blood may end up in the spleen, destroying it too. There is no cure or reversal of this disease. You can only stop the habits that are causing the cirrhosis or get a transplant if the situation is dire enough. Knowing about this dangerous condition will allow you to check your body better. Most of these symptoms are uncommon and should require a visit to the doctor. Let’s take a look at the different manifestation of liver cirrhosis.

1. Fatigue

The liver has a unique role when it comes to cleansing the organism. The entire body relies on it to perform all the bodily functions correctly. When it’s healthy and intact, it can take a lot of strain and not affect the rest of the organism. If cirrhosis strikes it, the whole body will focus on improving its functioning, but in vain. Due to this, you will lose valuable energy. During this resource are goes around repairing the damaged liver. If you feel tired for no reason or have trouble functioning, visit a doctor.